Hospice Tororo is as an NGO completely dependent on donations. This we hope to change in the future with income generating projects. Besides donor funding we also receive support from the Government of Uganda. They give us accommodation, allow nurses to work with us and they supply us with morphine and  medical sundries.


You can also help us!


Financial support

As said above Hospice Tororo is fully depending on financial donations to run, further develop and implement the programs. If you want to support us financially, we promise you that we will use every dollar, euro or pound in the most responsible way.

If you want to support us financially please send an email to: admin@hospicetororo.org You will then receive our bank details.

What can we do with your donations?

Next some examples off what we can do with your money:

2 euro/3 dollar  = 1 month medication for 1 patient

5 euro/7,5 dollar = training of a community volunteer

7 euro/10,5 dollar = training of a health worker

10 euro/15 dollar = complete bereavement care

25 euro/37,5 dollar = to counsel and give practical help to a child who will become an orphan

75 euro/112,5 dollar = complete home based care for 1 month for 1 patient

We thank you for you financial support!


Volunteering/ internships

There are numerous ways to help us as a volunteer. You could be helpful by working within our medical and psycho-social care programs, or by assisting us in doing administrative work, PR & communications or other activities.

Internships are also possible within our organization. We can provide for medical students, nursing students (several qualifications levels), or students in other relevant sciences (like social workers). We can also provide a place for students doing their masters or doctorate to do their research.

Hospice Tororo has accommodation available and there are also options for airport transfers.
For more information about possiilities, term & condition, practical information and expected costs., please contact Ms. Rinty Plukkel, National project coordinator Hospice Tororo at admin@hospicetororo.org



As you could read previously, any donation is more than welcome. But if you would like to make a larger financial contribution, then organizing a fundraiser event is a good way to do this. There are many ways to organize a fundraiser event, you could organize a garage sale, sponsor event or you set yourself a challenge like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for money.
In advance of any publicity you give us, we request you first to contact us. We can help you with more information, tips and tricks.

If you have your own business and you want to contribute to us, there are also several ways to do this. You could, for example, give your employees the possibility to donate some off their time to us, donate corporate festive gifts or you might be able to donate your (company) expertise to help us in a practical way. However you should also be aware that in developing countries financial donations are more practical than sending goods. Hospice Tororo take its corporate responsibility. Our organization tries to support the local economy of Tororo/Uganda as best as we can by buying as much of what we need locally.



For any questions or ideas, please contact Ms Rinty Plukkel, National Project Coordinator Hospice Tororo via admin@hospicetororo.org

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