In Uganda thousands of people die every year because of Cancer and complications related to HIV/AIDS. The number of  people suffering from Cancer  is growing and although HIV-care is widely available many patients don’t have full access to medication. Approximately 30% of the HIV-patients also develop HIV-related Cancers. When you’re diagnosed with Cancer in Uganda this almost certainly means you’re going to die. This because of delayed recognition of the Cancer and for many Ugandans treatment is often not accessible.

Hospice Tororo started in January 2012 with palliative care services at home,  in the communities and in hospitals in the Eastern region of Uganda. We also offer end-of-life education and training to both health professionals and community workers. Hospice Tororo is as NGO registered in Uganda, and is a project of ‘Wings of Hope Ministries 1982’.

Hospice Tororo provides, for patients with life-limiting diseases, such as AIDS and Cancer and their relatives, palliative care. In our palliative care services we provide medical care, counselling, psycho-social support and spiritual care. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients and to give them a worthy end of their life. To provide the total care our patients need, we collaborate with many public organizations and the Ugandan government.

The team of Hospice Tororo listens, nurses and cares for the patients and their relatives. We care without differentiating in gender, age, and ethnicity, social and religious background. We are there for all patients in need, because every life counts!



I will never forget this 33 year old man, father of 3 small children. He was terminally ill, he had very dirty and smelly wounds, a foot looking like a Cole-flower because of metastasized cancer. Together with him and a surgeon we decided to amputate his lower leg. After this he could work on his land again, he didn’t smell anymore and friend were visiting him again. Although it didn’t prolong his life, it gave it much more quality of life for as long as he still had to live. That’s what Hospice Tororo is about!”


The fight against pain is a very important part of the medical care given at Hospice Tororo. Hospice Tororo provides and administers oral morphine (solution) as well as other medication. We carefully follow our patients to make sure their medication use is most effective. Besides fighting pain we regularly treat infections as well as wounds and other physical complaints.

In our program we don’t only care for the patient, we also care for their relatives and the community.
We teach family how to best help their sick relative. We educate communities that Cancer isn’t caused by ‘bad spirits’ or an ‘evil spell’ from a stranger or angry neighbor. We teach that it is a very serious but not contagious disease. Through education we  try to break the social isolation and stigmas.

An important focus in our social care are the (young) children of the patient. How do they cope with a severely sick parent and the eventual loss of this parent. Together with the patient, relatives and other organisations we also look for solutions in case a child becomes an orphan.

Besides this many patients loose their income due to their disease. In the social care program we counsel and guide patients in how to get other resources.

When someone is seriously ill, especially when he or she is facing a life-limiting disease, this often coincides with fear and doubt for both patient and family. At Hospice Tororo we try to give or hold on to the best quality of life possible for a patient during this period. Thereby we try to create a surrounding whereby there can also be valuable moments and a dignified end of ones life’s end.

After one dies, the family has to cope with the loss of their beloved one. When possible the team of Hospice Tororo visits the family for bereavement.

At Hospice Tororo we work  from a Christian perspective. But every patient, whatever his or her conviction, is welcome. To create an environment where all patients can feel welcome we are working with spiritual leaders of all kinds of religions. Every year there is a commemorative service for all patients who have died in the previous year, this service is also open for all religions to attend and will be supported by different religious leaders.

As long as it’s fitting our medical standards we try to accommodate for maximum flexibility in cultural and religious customs of our patients.



  • "You matter because you are, you matter untill the last moment of your life."